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To penetrate and remove the 10 layers of paint on the siding and trim at the Winchester project, painting contractor Jim Clark (shown here) and his crew used a newly developed, non-caustic stripper that breaks the bond between paint and wood. Before choosing their approach, they considered several methods, detailed in the following slides.

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TOM: So, that type of siding is what we call “composite siding” and it does require frequent painting, more so than other types of siding. It’s slightly less durable than other types of siding. It’s slightly less durable than other types of siding.

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Sand the cured filler with a hand sander to make it smooth and level with the surrounding wood. Paint tends to peel or flake near joints between dissimilar materials — think siding and trim, window frames and glass, etc. This is where water seeps into cracks and soaks into the wood, causing the paint to peel.

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Like its wood and vinyl brethren, composite siding -- whether it's made of strand board or fiber cement -- sometimes falls victim to the very same issues from which it's meant to protect your home.

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Apply primer to the composite siding using the roller. Roll vertically, moving from left to right. Brush the bottom rough edges of the composite siding using the 3- to 4-inch paintbrush.

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It's time to re-paint your wood siding!Re-painting your house is a great option when wanting to change the scenery of things. Follow the steps below to create not only a new color, but help in protecting your wood siding as well.

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Flaking paint occurs when moisture collects under the painted surface. The moisture enters the wood siding from the unpainted side, gets absorbed and then dries. This causes repeated swelling and shrinking of the wood, which makes the paint pull away from the wood surface, leaving it cracked and peeling.

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LP SmartSide siding is made by Louisiana Pacific, in a manufacturing process to prevent termite damage, rot and decay in wood. It is made from wood particles and wood fibers. All of our wood sheds feature LP siding.

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Take the time to properly prepare and clean your wood siding before you paint. According to the Composite Panel Association, painting over mildew is ineffective, and will simply allow the mildew to grow over the new coat of paint. Check the weather before you paint. Wait until the temperature reaches at least 50 degrees F before painting wood siding. Avoid painting on days when rain is forecast.

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Once a section is cut in, you can paint with the face with a roller. Work in sections, and do not stop in the middle. After every side of the house is painted, you can now paint the trim. Mask the windows and using a trim brush, paint from top to bottom in clean even strokes.

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Hardboard siding is a reconstituted wood-based building product which has been specifically ... Finish with a high quality latex or oil paint.** C. Siding With Some Defects If the hardboard siding has any bare spots, paint ... the Composite Panel Association (CPA)