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Cons of Bamboo Floors. Quality rating – This really is the number one problem with bamboo flooring. With no official quality rating for most bamboo products it’s very difficult to judge the quality of the bamboo flooring stacked on the selves.

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Bamboo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option in new homes and in renovations. Before you’re able to decide whether or not to install bamboo flooring, it is important to know and understand the advantages and disadvantages of using this material for your project. There are many ...

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Knowing some bamboo flooring pros and cons helps installation go smoothly. Flooring Trends Check out some of the newest technologies and reclaimed materials that are becoming the hottest products in flooring.

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Cali Bamboo recently launched a line of Hybrid? (engineered) bamboo flooring, made of a wear layer of Fossilized? bamboo, a core of cross-layered eucalyptus, and a base of ubiquitous poplar. Quality engineered bamboo flooring should always be composed of is a true mix of sustainable woods.

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Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring Prev NEXT While bamboo seems to be a miracle flooring option, there are some unknowns you need to investigate when choosing a flooring company.

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As with any material, bamboo flooring pros and cons will be best left to the user’s needs. Unfinished bamboo has a light color similar to oak wood but can take on a darker brown hue after the application of heat. Like wood, there are lots of reasons why bamboo can be a perfect material, but there are also drawbacks.

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Thicker bamboo flooring can be refinished in the future depending on how the planks are constructed. Laminated bamboo flooring glued to sub-layers is a DIYers dream to install. Cons. Cheap bamboo flooring shows wear and tear quickly, so you don’t want to cut corners on quality.

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The pros and cons of bamboo flooring In the U.S., within the last decade, bamboo has grown in popularity. It is an exotic construction material, but that’s not all it has going for it.

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Environmental Concerns. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass, and the turnaround time for a stand of a flooring-friendly species, such as moso, is three to five years.

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Cons for Bamboo High-embodied energy. Despite it rapidly renewable street cred, most of the bamboo flooring in the U.S. has to be shipped great distances such as from China or some other Asian ...

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We explain the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, and benefits and drawbacks of using natural bamboo flooring in your home. We'll also cover how best to clean and maintain it, whether with vacuums, brooms, or specialized cleaners.

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Bamboo Flooring Pros. Bamboo can fully mature and harden in 3 – 5 years (but it grows to full length in 3 months) Bamboo strips can be glued horizontally, vertically and strand woven to give a variety of looks.

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Bamboo floors have become more popular in recent years, due to their many similarities to hardwood flooring. Bamboo flooring has a chic, exotic look but is still relatively inexpensive, which makes it a highly appealing flooring option for many. But understanding the benefits and drawbacks of any ...

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Bamboo is growing in popularity as people realize how sustainable it is. Thicker bamboo floors can be refinished a number of times. Pros. High quality choices will wear as well as hardwood floors and are just as durable. This is a sustainable flooring option, as bamboo will reach maturity in about seven years. This is a lot faster than hardwood ...