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The temporary fence panel's ends slip over the uprights of the panel stands, and fasten together at the top with saddle clamps to provide a free-standing fence line of any length and configuration. Features: Temp Fence Frame constructed of galvanized 1-3/8" diameter, .065 wall tubing. 11-1/2" gauge galvanized fence fabric with 2-1/4" mesh.

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All our temporary fence panels form a 2.1 metre high security barrier to protect and secure your site and can be supplied with the following features: Sloping concrete feet blocks for anti-trip Other types of feet support also available

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Temporary Fence Panels for Hire and for Sale - These Panels come in many forms: Construction Site panels form a high security barrier 2.0m tall and are usually supplied with the exclusive Anti Trip, sloping sided concrete blocks for support.

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Our temporary fence panels are 6′ tall x 10′ wide chain link fence set in concrete blocks. Our concrete blocks provide superior stability. We can also install privacy/windscreen on our temporary fence. Windscreen is commonly used on construction sites and at concerts.

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Chain Link Fence PANEL CLAMPS ~ KENNEL CLAMPS: (set of 8) for 1-3/8" chain link fence pipe panel frames. For Dog kennels / dog runs, or tempory chain link fence. Saddle clamps. Chain link fence parts for connecting panels ~ farm fencing systems.

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Vision Block/Windscreen. Windscreen, or vision block, provides a neutral background and creates a professional look to a construction or event site. In addition, it adds more privacy and security, by keeping prying eyes away from secured and restricted areas and limiting visual access and unwarranted intrusion.

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The fence panels also feature a mid rail for added support, strength and durability. One of the most unique features of our temporary fencing product is use of the OxBlock anchoring system. Gone are the days of using cumbersome tube stands, sand bags, or concrete blocks to anchor the panels in place. The OxBlock has been designed to form a ...

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Our temporary fencing works using panels, blocks and clips. Each time a panel joins to another panel you need a block to put the panels into and one clip to hold them together. This can be done extremely quickly and the resulting fence is both strong and secure.

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Public Works Panels Temporary Fence Hire Panels. Public Works Panels are 1.0m high, orange ‘high visibility’ are supplied with hooks and eyes which make interlocking an easy task and usually do not require extra ‘feet’ as they support each other in most situations.

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Construction Site Panels Temporary fence hire panels Construction Site panels form a high security barrier 2.0m tall and are usually supplied with the exclusive Anti Trip, sloping sided concrete blocks for support. Other types of support are available also.

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When weighted with blocks, the tray anchors the backstay in place and avoids having to bolt your fencing to the ground, which makes this perfect for temporary fencing fixtures. The rubber fencing block is easy to install and weather proof, meaning you can ensure your site is safe and secure all year round.

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In Stock Now!Pre-Cast Concrete Blocks for Temporary Fence Panels (See Below For Dimension) Pre-cast Concrete Block or Temporary Fence Panels – 2 hole (1-5/8″) – 6″ H x 8″ W x 20″ L

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Temporary Fencing is generally significantly cheaper than other methods of site segregation such as timber hoarding or palisade fencing, it is also far easier to install, with a basic setup comprising of Temporary Fencing Panels, Rubber Blocks (which are used to stabilise the panels) and Couplers (used to secure panels to one another).